I n t r o d u c t i o n
The situation in South Africa of
homeless, abused, neglected,
stray, injured, ill and unwanted
dogs and cats is dire. The need for
pro-life, non-profit rescue,
rehabilitation and re-homing
facilities for these unfortunate
animals is in critical need, because
without these caring facilities,
these unfortunate animals would
suffer miserable lives and
premature deaths.


Simple Facts 

There are an estimated 9 million dogs
and over 7 million cats that have been
accounted for in South Africa alone.
This excludes all those at shelters in the
townships and far too many unseen,
homeless strays.
Every shelter in South Africa works
extremely hard to keep the animals in
their care safe and provided for, but it
is fast becoming increasingly more
difficult to do so.

S t a t i s t i c s

An unsprayed female dog, her mate and all their
puppies can total:
1 Year: 16
2 Years: 128
3 Years: 512
4 Years: 2,048
5 Years: 12,228
6 Years: 67,000

Controlling animals in South
Africa falls mainly on shelters
that do not exercise the right
to life due to overcrowding,
and so these unfortunate
animals are euthanized
(killed) by lethal injection
within a couple of days after
being rescued, never having
had the love of anyone, and
spent their last days in a

O u r f o c u s
To provide medical attention and shelter for
abused and neglected animals, especially
those from the extremely low income areas.
We aim to coordinate all animal services,
including picking up animals, treating
animals [including spaying and neutering],
providing shelter, and public education

What we Need! 

Our priority is to obtain a piece of
property for the set up of the shelter.
We have identified that there are no
shelters in Pretoria East, therefore this
location would be ideal to establish a
shelter, providing much needed
facilities for rehoming animals in this
We have a network of vets and other
NGO’s that will assist us once we have
a property to call home.


For more information have a look at our Funding Proposal