Excited to announce our very first cycle challenge…

Cycle for a Cause 

Race for a Cause.

The Halo MTB Challenge consists of 3 different routes:

First Route: Cycle-Petal 1.5 km Track (for the kiddies) and its free 🙂

Second Route: Cycle-path  27km Track

Third Route: Vicious-cycle 45km Track


First Route: Cycle-Petal 1.5 km Track (for the kiddies)

We here at Halo have considered even our littlest cyclists with the stunning river trail. This trail runs along the beautiful Hennops river, this tree line route is mostly covered in shade a picturesque track for the little ones to enjoy while the races are going on. There will be no charge for this trail so feel free to bring along the little future MTB cyclists. There will be a donation box available for those who would like to make a contribution to this wonderful cause.


Second Route: Cycle-path  27km Track

Perfect for your entry/mid level cyclist. This Trail traverses the Beautiful hills in this beautiful unspoiled Nature reserve. Be sure to keep an eye out for some wildlife as you cycle on this beautifully designed trail.


 Third Route: Vicious-cycle 45km Track

This is a perfect to test your endurance as a MTB cyclist. This will mean that participants will have to complete two circuits of the course traversing the beautiful country side. This trail is not for the faint hearted, indeed a vicious cycle.


Halo Animal Shelter is a registered non-profit organization (NPO)

The main objectives is to provide shelter, care and medical attention to abandoned and abused animals.

We are working very hard to ensure that one day we will have a Shelter we can call our own. This is the dream soon to be a reality with the help of our generous sponsors.

South Africa is in need of as much assistance as possible to ensure adequate care to these animals in need of good homes.

The funds generated from the events that Halo will host will all go towards generating awareness around our cause to generate more funds to one day in the near future build Halo Animal Shelter.

To find out how you can help fill out our Volunteer form and tell us a little more about yourself and we will add you to our database to keep you informed on the things you might be interested in.